More Investee Stories

As at March 2012, the NEF had approved over R3 billion for black-empowered enterprises countrywide, in various economic sectors.  

Below is a sample of these investments:

Announcing a blockbuster of a BB-BEE deal

The NEF is facilitating the introduction of a black women’s consortium as a 26% shareholder in Ma Afrika Films through funding of R30 million for the production of two films - e’lollipop - A million Colours and winnie, both of which promise to become international blockbusters. 

Other than its lead promoters who are committed to participating in the fi lm industry, the consortium includes the Nozala Trust, which has over 500 000 women benefi ciaries who own small businesses and who stand to benefi t in various ways, as well as a Development Trust, which will drive and promote development initiatives in the industry.

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