More Investee Stories

As at March 2012, the NEF had approved over R3 billion for black-empowered enterprises countrywide, in various economic sectors.  

Below is a sample of these investments:

A sweet deal for the people

In 2004 after 40 years of having been deprived of their land, the Charlestown community returned to the place of their ancestors.

After NEF funding of R19,4 million and the IDC’s R14,8 million, together with the support of a technical partner, the community acquired a major stake in the Amujuba Berries farm. These efforts, which included technical guidance and mentorship, have truly borne fruit. 

Over 400 full time and seasonal jobs have been created and the community is receiving signifi cant returns from the 150 tons of berries produced, mainly for the export market and Woolworths. A sweet story indeed.

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