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Understand Bloggers and Their Specific Format

Ever land a cover story from a Twitter pitch? Newsjack breaking news from a Facebook feed? Secure a blog column on a critical e-zine website? If not, it’s time to kick up your PR skills a notch or two. The PR industry continues to shift like Tony Stewart at a Daytona race, and it impacts EVERY area of our job: pitching, monitoring, placements, bylines and media relations. If you aren’t scrambling buy 10000 twitter followers to keep up and constantly learning new skills, there’s no time like the present to jump in – and a fantastic starting point is evaluating how you build your media lists. After all, media lists are the foundation of your PR relationships; the trigger for the entire PR process, and social media tools can amplify your lists to an entirely new level.

Solid Media List

Building a Solid Media List

Bloggers are different than journalists and typically come in two garden varieties: (1) writers sharing their passion and/or building credibility with no direct revenue from their site, or (2) those making money from their blog through advertising and/or ancillary product sales. Each type of blogger should be approached differently, and you should know which type they are BEFORE reaching out to make contact. (See this great infographic for some interesting demographics on bloggers). Corporate and hobbyist bloggers are typically writers that couldn’t care less about pitches, press releases, story ideas and PR people, buy followers on twitter and they rarely publish guest blog posts. Blogs that are NOT self-hosted on the blogger’s own URL typically fall into this category and should be removed from your list. Reaching out to these types of bloggers are often a waste of time. If their contact information is deliberately left off their website, take the hint and leave them alone.

Bloggers who make money off advertising are completely different.

Their blogs are content hungry beasts who need to be fed constantly, and they are in search of high-value content that can drive traffic to their blog. They may be an e-zine (online magazine) format with multiple authors and robust guest post opportunities, such as Search Engine Land, buy twitter followers no password or it may be a single person blog (like Design Sponge) with consistent, frequent posts who makes their living from their website and related product/book sales. As you build your list, be sure to evaluate each blog individually and identify its type. Advertising-driven blogs are fantastic opportunities for posting comments, and for securing guest post or columnist opportunities. They are worth the same time and attention you would lavish on leading print publication for that client.

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