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Deal with Upset Customers on Social Media

One of the most common objections heard from businesses considering social media is that “people will say bad things about our brand.” When hearing this, marketers often politely remind the boss or client that these buy twitter followers south america conversations about the brand – good or bad – are happening on the social web regardless of whether or not you choose to engage. Thankfully examples emerge every day on why this is actually a good thing for brands. It may sound like offbeat advise but negative interactions can actually provide exceptional opportunities to build loyalty and trust. While all examples proving this point are helpful, it’s especially powerful when they can happen at the local level. A recent experience at our local food co-op illustrated this perfectly.

Customers on Social Media

Continued quest for personal privacy

With an increasing level of publicity surrounding data sharing and privacy on the internet, several platforms have tried to step it up a notch in 2014 by promising more privacy to their users. Newcomer Ello, for example, promises never to sell user data, whilst Snapchat, Whisper, YikYak and Telegram have each taken a different approach to the social stratosphere. These platforms allow users to engage in conversations privately among their friends, or in some cases, buy twitter followers connect with strangers while still keeping their identity private. Earlier in 2014, a Stanford student leaked hacked photos that revealed a line of code in Facebook’s Messenger app that suggested a payment and transfer platform could be on the cards. The payment system would allow Facebook users to not just make payments for goods over social media (hence the integration of a ‘buy’ button) but also send money to friends via direct debit.

Interest-based, not people-based

The last couple of years have seen a wave of new social platforms enter the foray; from image-based sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr; to Google+ and Ello. The changing trend here has been in how we consume our updates (images over text-based, short GIFS and videos, etc.). But a new trend emerging is altering the kind of updates we choose to consume. Newer platforms like Foodie, Fitocracy, and PlantWorking are geared towards individual audiences rather than taking a ‘everything, everyone, everywhere’ approach. While Foodie is a place for chefs and cooks to share and explore recipes, buy arabic instagram likes Fitocracy allows gym bunnies to share workout plans and talk fitness, while PlantWorking is a social network for gardeners. The main takeaway here is that new social networks are likely to be more interest-focused in 2015, uniting users through common hobbies and passions.

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