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Which Social Media Platforms Are Best Suited for Your Business?

With all the social media sites available today, which ones should you leverage? In an ideal world, you would use them all. As a small business, however, you don’t have how do i buy instagram followers enough time and money to do so. With your limited resources, which social media platform would you pick? If you think Facebook and YouTube are your best bets because they are most popular, think again. Just because a site is popular doesn’t mean it is a good fit for you business. To help you decide which social media platform is best suited for your business, I’ve created an infographic that explains what social sites you should be leveraging based on real data.

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When Social Strategies Can Optimize Business Processes

Tech companies have yet to slow down when it comes to innovation. Apple purchased social analytics company Topsy for $200 million, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a messaging app, for more than $19 billion, and Amazon is set to release a smartphone with 3-D e-commerce capabilities. As it looks right now, innovation has yet to curb. And no other market has experienced the surge of innovative developments more than social media. What once started out as a slightly vain platform for sharing pictures of how can you buy instagram followers dinner and vacations has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry that has enthralled consumers and even made its way into Fortune 500 organizations. Surprisingly or not, social media provides legitimate business potential for brands who strategically embed the technology into their operational processes. There are countless issues faced by enterprises throughout the globe that can be solved or alleviated through a creative use of social networking technology. Whether it involves solving a customer service issue on Twitter or equipping a marketing team with a custom social network for collaboration, social business are legitimately providing serious competitive advantage.

Is There Room for Improvement When It Comes to Communication?

There is no denying the communication capabilities of social networks like Facebook and Twitter - long-lost siblings have united through a Facebook post and entire revolutions have sprouted from a flurry of spirited tweets. It is quite clear that social media has completely disrupted the communication paradigm. In fact, enterprise social networks (ESN), which are essentially custom-built social media platforms for corporate use, are being adopted by some various international brands. For example, Burberry, renowned for its innovative use of technology inside its retail stores, has implemented Salesforce Chatter as their customized ESN.

Do Employees Need Faster Access to Information?

Knowledge management and instant access to the data an employee needs to do their job is crucial in today's fast-moving world. In a recent McKinsey report exploring the impact of poor knowledge management on organizational productivity, they showed the average employee spends more than seven hours every week looking for the information they need (which adds up to more than 364 hours a year). instagram buy followers ESN software applications not only increase communication, but they also provide a platform for instantly sharing documents or collaborating on them. Access to information is crucial, and custom social networks can provide a marked improvement on existing systems for knowledge management. Equipping business users with tools that look and feel like the software they use for leisure, will increase engagement and add to productivity. The software can also be accessed via mobile apps, further increasing connectivity.

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