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The Investor Education campaign was first launched in 2010 as part of the NEF fulfilling its mandate of promoting a culture of savings and investment among black South Africans. It is a national road show where the NEF hosts 5 seminars in different towns and villages in each province in country’s nine provinces

The  seminars target members of the public, members of stokvels and investment clubs, as well as entrepreneurs, where valuable information will be given directly in the local languages by accredited financial and investment advisors at no cost to participants.

The communities in the targeted areas are encouraged to attend the seminars as they will receive valuable information on;

  • Business planning and mentorship
  • Funding requirements,
  • To intensify the implementation of the NEF’s mandate,
  • To promote public understanding of the need to save and invest,
  • To inspire public interest in entrepreneurship,
  • To optimise public understanding of available solutions for non-financial and financial business support,
  • To mobilise public private partnerships in the transformation and growth of the economy,
  • To strengthen stakeholder appreciation for the national strategic value of the NEF,
  • To identify and profile people and groups that are converted as a result of the campaign,
  • To grow the awareness of the NEF brand and deepen the reputation of the NEF as an organisation that is fulfilling its mandate diligently,
  • An open invitation is extended to all businesses, whether owned by black or white people, to come and find out how they can benefit from and be part of a growing economy through B-BBEE.
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