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Let us Save and Invest

As part of its mandate, the NEF:

  • Promotes the understanding of equity ownership among black people,
  • Provides black people with direct and indirect opportunities to acquire shares in State-Owned and private business enterprises, and
  • Encourages and promotes investments, savings and meaningful economic participation among black people.

Savings and investments are not only a means to help individuals attain financial freedom, but they also help form a pool of funds that a country can use to fuel growth and job creation. The NEF encourages saving both as an individual and as a collective effort.

As part of fulfilling the savings leg of its mandate, in 2007, the NEF launched the Asonge Share Scheme, which placed over 12 million MTN shares in the hands of 87 000 black South African investors, a significant portion of whom were women and many were members of stokvels, savings clubs and burial societies.

Saving is a great way to make individuals grow their wealth while also helping a nation prosper.

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