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Non-financial business support

a. Pre-Investment Unit (PIU)

Applicants for funding may be excellent entrepreneurs, but often struggle to navigate the necessary application procedures and to manage their businesses. The NEF therefore assists with funding advice, business planning and general assistance to help ensure that applications are of sufficient quality to complete all steps in the application process.

The first point of contact for many potential clients, the PIU’s primary functions are to:

  • Information on NEF funding & Non-funding solutions
  • Provide guidance in drawing up funding applications
  • Identify applications which meet the NEF’s funding criteria
  • Keep clients informed on the progress of their applications
  • Advise applicants on qualifying criteria and application process

b. Post-Investment Business Support Unit (POIU)

Black businesses need to be robust and self-sustaining for B-BBEE to succeed. Recognising this fact, the NEF established structures to monitor its clients for risk and provide advice when needed. Although start-ups are inherently higher risk, the rewards for success are jobs and increased capital for further start-ups.

The unit is responsible for:
  • Regular portfolio monotoring
  • Regular collections management and credit control
  • Mini restructure of distressed investments
  • Turnaround and rescue of highly distressed investments
  • Legal and workouts
  • Active board seats on larger investments
  • Mentorship and technical assistance
  • Valuations of investee companies
  • Impairments of investments; bad debt write off
  • Legal Compliance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Additional funding on existing investments
  • Exits on matured investments
  • Knowledge Management
  • IT system development
  • To provide a superior customer relationship management channel for all NEF’s Investees
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