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Please note that NEF does not charge a fee for applications.

Completing the application form

Having read and understood how the NEF is structured to assist black entrepreneurs and businesses, the next logical step is to do a self-needs analysis to see how the NEF is able to assist you and your business needs.

To engage them is as simple as taking the first step of filling in an application form that will present your business case for assessment based on the criteria described above.

Your proposal needs to contain comprehensive information to support the commercial viability and the financial position of your business. A business plan guideline has been provided on the application form, to highlight the various topics you need to cover when making your submission.

Once your application has been received it will be entered into a deal-flow pipeline when it has fulfilled the mandatory requirements and it will go through various processes, summarised by the diagram on the left hand side, towards final approval and disbursement of the funds.


Please provide us with the applicable documents as outlined below;


  • Regrettably, if you do not submit all of these documents together there will be a delay in processing your application form.
  • From receipt of the application to approval stage the process can take 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Our process period is 3 to 4 months on receipt of the application up to  disbursement stage.
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