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NEF Performance Milestones

Funding approvals To date, approved 940 black-owned businesses to the value of R9.4 billion. Over the past year the NEF approved 75 deals worth R634 million against a target of 86 deals worth R350 million.
Creating jobs In a significant breakthrough for job-creation, which is one of the NEF’s primary objectives, to date the NEF has supported 98 564 jobs of which 68 288 were new.
Strategic Projects Fund The NEF’s Strategic Projects Fund (SPF) was established with a mandate to increase the participation of black people in early stage projects that are aligned to national Government policy targeted sectors; since inception 28 projects have been approved, with a total project size worth R30 billion, with an employment-creation potential in excess of 85 000 decent jobs over the next three years. SPF projects have the potential to attract meaningful foreign direct investment into South Africa.
Fund a woman, fund a nation Over the past year, 35% of the NEF’s funded portfolio has comprised businesses that are owned and managed by black women. Through its marketing and outreach initiatives, the NEF continues to urge more women to apply for funding. In the experience of the NEF, women entrepreneurs are known to have
better financial discipline and tend to service their loans with far greater diligence and are reputed to do so in record time.
National footprint Regional Offices in all provinces. 77% of  the number o f approved transaction emanated from regional offices and Pre-Investment Unit.
Enterprise Development Fund In response to some of the constraints facing black entrepreneurs, such as limited Financial management skills, marketing and technical expertise, the NEF provides access to business incubation and business skills training to qualifying enterprises, not necessarily funded by the NEF.
Post Investment and mentorship supportTo During 2017/18 mentorship to the value of R3.3 million has been provided to investees where the investees needed to improve on their general management or technical skills. The Post investment Unit achieved the following key performance outputs:

  • Provided back office support to the value of R2,04 million to 41 companies during the year,
  • Facilitated 38 exits, with initial disbursement value of R354 million,
  • During the year, mentorship to the value of R1,7 million has been provided to investees where investees needed to improve on their general management or technical skills.
  • Collected R3.3 billion
Entrepreneurship development In response to the constraints facing some black entrepreneurs, such as limited management skills, including financial, marketing and technical expertise, over 143 entrepreneurs were referred by the NEF to incubations. Business skills training was also provided through the NEF’s Pre Investment unit.
Financial sustainability In parallel with meeting the mandated performance targets, the NEF has maintained financial discipline and prudence with an unqualified audit opinion on its financial reporting, for 13 successive years.
Stakeholder relations In pursuit of its commitment to transparency and accountability, the NEF participates in national, regional and local business conferences, exhibitions and civil society initiatives, to bring home the message of a funder with a soul that is continuing to bridge the economic divide. As a result, more and more people, according to successive research surveys, have come to know about the NEF. Enquiries and applications for funding continue to increase as a result of the television, print, outdoor and on-line adverts, as well as growing volumes of media coverage received.
Socio-economic developmentIn In order to propel meaningful participation by designated groups especially in the rural economy and in particular for the benefit of women and people living with disabilities, the NEF established the Socio-Economic Development Unit, whose mandate is to facilitate proper establishment of workers’ trusts, community trusts and co-operatives. This Unit also evaluates the feasibility of foundations or trusts linked or associated with NEF-funded projects. In order to optimise the NEF’s socio-economic impact, the Unit develops best practice in respect of socio-economic and broad-based initiatives on an investment-by-investment basis, and facilitates strategic partnerships and alliances with other support institutions.
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