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After the night comes the dawn, warm, orange and bright in its glory.

To some the icon in the logo of the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) represents a flame, which is a reminder of South Africa’s epic and selfless struggle for freedom, and is a celebration of the light that began to glow across the land when freedom dawned.

The flame heralds the birth of a new nation, the genesis of democracy and the energy that is vital to fuel the growth of our economy. To others the orange in the NEF logo is an iconic representation of the wing of a bird in flight, soaring mightily as it takes the hopes of black economic freedom to greater heights, and growth itself to the skies.

Resplendent in the colour black, the brand name declares the national character of the mandate of the NEF, which is to Grow Black Economic Participation across the country in its entirety, as expressed through the brand descriptor.

At the heart of the values of the NEF, whose acronym is EMPOWER, is the undertaking that as patriots we will serve the nation with integrity and honour, with empathy and dedication to excellence, inspired by the vision of a growing and inclusive economy. This, is our oath, our vocation, our contract with the nation. Let there be flight.

NEF Brand Promise

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