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Integrated Report 2020

Integrated Report 2020

Explaining the cover of the Integrated Report 2020

The cover of this Integrated Report 2020 portrays the aftermath of a crisis, where the stepping stones are a metaphor for the National Empowerment Fund, the development financier that exists for the service of black entrepreneurs who comprise women, rural and township communities as well as industrialists, by empowering their quest of inclusive growth. Once delivered safely to dry land after a catastrophe that almost devastated the economy, the NEF will be the mortar of hope, reconstruction and growth, providing innovative finance and non-financial support for a new and reimagined future.

Through this bastion of renewal, black communities and entrepreneurs are assured of a partner that will continue to provide investor education, business-planning support, entrepreneurial training, incubation, rural and community development, innovative funding and mentorship support so that together the country can pioneer transformative growth beyond the pandemic.


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