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Mabele Fuels

Mabele Fuels

Project summary

Mabele Fuels (Pty) Ltd is a private company that was founded, registered and incorporated in South Africa in 2005. Mabele Fuels is a unique co-operation between black individuals and specialists in the clean-fuels market, and is set to establish South Africa’s first commercial scale biofuel production plant, bringing about radical transformation in the sector.

The project seeks to exploit the commercial opportunities arising out of the global trend towards the use of renewable fuel resources, among which the conversion of agricultural feedstock crops to ethanol presents an attractive business proposition.

The company’s vision is the use of sorghum as a feedstock crop for the production of bioethanol. The project has the potential to generate in excess of 16 000 jobs.

To date, the NEF has approved R40 million for investment and secured a 11.76% equity in Mabele Fuels. The venture capital provided by the NEF has facilitated project development and enabled Mabele Fuels to raise circa R2.5 billion financial closed capital in the market.

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