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Anikie achieves success in a man’s world, CAPRICORN VOICE

Anikie achieves success in a man's world, CAPRICORN VOICE

EVER since entrepreneurship became a buzz-word in popular vocabulary, women from underprivileged communities have embraced free enterprise with great determination. Anikie Mphahlele, a woman of substance and pedigree, is making significant strides with her business, Tlanggape Upholstery and Motor Trimmers in Polokwane. The first impression when you meet her, is that she is feisty and fiercely intelligent with a delightful sense of humour. Asked what drove her to venture into this male-dominated business, she does not mention much of what actually inspired her to establish this upmarket furniture-upholstery store, except to say “God is my true inspiration”.


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