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NEW ON THE LAND In 2010/11 Mzwanele Batatu achieved a 93o/0 calving rate that made him the top performer in the AsgiSA Eastern Cape's Sakhisizwe Livestock Beef Project. Mike Burgess visited Mzwanele and found that his success is largely attributed to his passion for farming and his willingness to adapt to commercial beef production principles. So* Gtel Beaty Ea.* 60! Pos , EASTERN CAP tad/ Fro ABOVE: A group of Mzwanele's heifers benefitting from the maize stover on Scalpa farm. ,,Leave the communal ways and go and see what your neighbour, the commercial farmer, is doing. You'll gain more knowledge, and learn why his cattle look so good.” This is 45-yearold Mzwanele Batatu's advice to emerging farmers who continue to apply communal farming techniques on commercial land.

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