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Given the context, it’s a good investment, BUSINESS DAY

Given the context, it's a good investment, BUSINESS DAY, Page 9

If we assume the internal combustion engine is bad, the EcoBoost motor is good

Vrroon with a View CONTEXT is everything. It informs pretty much everything we do; how we solve problems and how we make decisions. The prevailing context is that we believe it is not just acceptable, but morally just, that the government extracts money from citizens at gunpoint and with threats of imprisonment, to spend on projects it believes are worthwhile far beyond the limits of the preservation of life, liberty and property In common parlance, we call it “tax”. In this context, where violent entitlement to what belongs to others is widespread and deemed entirely normal, I have been completely stunned by the unutterably awful whingeing about the National Empowerment Fund's (NEF) decision to invest in a luxurygoods shop called Luminance at Hyde Park shopping centre in Joburg.


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