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Determined and persistent, Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela leader, Kgosi Nyalala Pilane, takes after his great-grandfather, Kgosi Kgamanyane, a humble man who stood up against Paul Kruger, and fought for the betterment of his people.

When talking to Pilane, he quickly brings it to your attention that you must look at him as a servant of his people. A good and faithful servant he is indeed. Entrusted with the future of his people, he does not let an opportunity go by to add value to the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela. A man of many talents, always taking all the factors involved in the socio economic environment of his nation into account when planning ahead. With ahead he means, at least five steps ahead. He makes it sound much easier than that it really is; “I carefully considered what hand we were dealt with. The land, my people, their preference and experience in the agricultural sector, the mineral riches down below and the availability of capital. That was my starting point, doing the best with what we have and taking it further, one step at a time.” Kgosi Pilane says.


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