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Organic farmer/retailer programme launches at PnP On Nicol, BIZCOMMUNITY.COM – Bizcommunity


Minister Rob Davies of the dtic launched the organic farmer/retailer programme at Pick n Pay”s flagship store, On Nicol in Hurlingham on Friday 23 March 2012. Pick n Pay is the first retailer to agree to provide dedicated organic produce shelf space in 50 stores countrywide, as its contribution to facilitating the development of the organic produce sector and emerging farmers.

Rob Davies and Suzanne Ackerman-Berman “Supporting local small farmers to become sustainable suppliers to the retail industry is the very mission of the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation,” says Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, director of transformation at Pick n Pay. “For many years we have supported emerging farmers and small suppliers around the country, not only through providing much-needed market access, but also through mentorship and training programmes, as well as assistance with the acquisition of equipment, livestock and agricultural input requirements.”

Ackerman-Berman said that part of the retailer”s overarching produce strategy and vision is to support small emerging farmers. To this end, its buying teams work very closely with the Foundation and other supporting bodies such as the dtic, IDC and NEF to develop and grow emerging farmers.


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