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SUNDAY TIMES, Business Times, Transnet’s top dogs snap at heels of private sector

SUNDAY TIMES, Business Times Page 8

LUCKY BIYASE TRANSNET'S top-paid executives are leading the way in narrowing the gap between what civil servants and private executives get paid. There are 14 Transnet executives who earned between R4-million and R10.7- million each in 2010. And this excludes the R10-million that reinstated Freight Rail boss Siyabonga Gama recently got in the current financial year, which apparently included some backpay for last year. Nevertheless, Gama still .1 4…4 earned just over Rif-million last year, a year in which he only worked for Transnet for six months before his suspension and firing. Former CEO Chris Wells topped the list of the best-paid parastatal executives, taking home R10.68-million.

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