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Top procurement technocrat may face business opposition, – Kaya FM

Top procurement technocrat may face business opposition, – Kaya FM

Kenneth Brown, the country’s top procurement technocrat, will be a closely watched man over the next two years as he crafts a legislation that will have far-reaching implications on how the state’s gigantic purse is spent. This couldset him on a collision course with his colleagues and organised factions within the racially polarised South African business community.

At stake is the R460 billion that the national, provincial and local arms of government spend annually sourcing goods and services from suppliers, plus the R900 billion that state-owned enterprises are destined to spend over the next three to five years upgrading the South African infrastructure.

Brown, the publicity-shy National Treasury’s chief procurement officer who declined to be interviewed by GetBiz for this article, has been given a go-ahead by President Jacob Zuma to centralise state procurement under his Pretoria office as part of a strategy to put a lid on wastage and generate cash savings through exerting the state’s enormous bulk-buying power when negotiating prices of goods or services with suppliers.


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