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WITHOUT PREJUDICE, Supplement, Never a slow jog

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, Supplement Page 22

Never a slow jog BY STRATO COPTEROS How much of the R43m of corporate finance charges relating to the most recent unbundling and consolidation of Nail shares was earned by legal advisers Chuene Kwinana Motsatse Inc (CKM)? We'd all like to know but Bally Chuene wasn't telling. Bally and Angeline Chyme Instead. he laughed off the question. The occasion was an exclusive interview on the fifth anniversary of the firm's creation by Chuene with partners Sindisa Kwinana and David Motsatse. It's hard to miss Chuene's enthusiasm for the most recent Nail restructuring. This is, at least in part. because he admires the elegance of the underlying strategy employed to separate the company's business elements. It may also he because he's able to demonstrate that the firm's involvement can't be put down to an elaborate window-dressing.

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