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AH-Vest settles with empowerment fund, – Fin 24

AH-Vest settles with empowerment fund, – Fin 24

Eyethu Orange Farm Mall will result in the entire Orange Farm community holding a 10% stake in this 27,000sqm regional shopping mall, which is helping to transform the area into a flourishing central business district, and creating a valuable multi-faceted community asset.

This extraordinary vision, 19 years in the making, is finally becoming a reality. The mall – located midway between Johannesburg and Vereeniging – broke ground last month, and will proudly open its doors in September 2014.

The idea for Eyethu Orange Farm Mall was first born with businessman Vusi Tshabalala nearly two decades ago. Tshabalala believes that where the community has no mineral wealth, its only wealth is its buying power. He saw a future where the community of Orange Farm could benefit from its own spending power by developing a shopping mall in which the community owned a stake.


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