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Conference discuses SOEs, THENEWAGE

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State owned enterprises might be brought under a single department, says delegate TIIE ANC is said to be mulling realignment in the governance of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in what might lead to relocation of key SOEs under a single department. The state (4 the SI Ws enjoyed prominence during the ANC policy conference under way in Mirlrand after a discussion paper was tabled and discussed inside the economic transtermatim commission. The ANC came to this conference with a general agreement to beef up the role of the state and its SOEs in the economy. An ANC delegate said “the organisation of the SOE sector may be overhauled because it was recognised that if 3.4 al are g( AN to boost the r()le of the state you need the required organisational infrastructure”. This was linked to the nationalisation debate because “that consideration requires an equipped state”.

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