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Drop the BEE mentality and build small business, CITY PRESS

CITY PRESS, Business Page 6

Blacks will bemoan fronting for as long as they continue to participate in the current BEE models, writes Tirhani Mabunda Accusations and counteraccusations of fronting have been in the news recently, more specifically the main headline of the City Press' Business (April 8 2012 “BEE partner accuses Y&R SA of fronting”. If it is not a cleaner or some domestic labourer named as BEE partner unbeknown to them, it is well-known black business people crying foul after BEE deals have gone wrong. In the Young & Rubicam v/s Memeza QRX fronting case reported in the City Press article, ludicrous claims are made of Mthunzi Mdwaba being “permitted by the Y&R SA Board of directors to refer to himself as chairman of Y&R in order to facilitate Memeza's involvement and inclusion in the business': Artificial arrangements like these make a mockery of true economic transformation. While I agree with Sandile Zungu's comments in the same article that “fronting belittles black people to third-class citizens and strips them of their human dignity”, it takes two to tango.

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