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KWAZULU-NATAL BUSINESS, Agriculture Kwazulu Natal has rich soils and high yields


OVERVIEW Agriculture KwaZulu-Natal has rich soils and high gields. waZulu-Natal has rich soils and abundant rain. Forestry and sugar cultivation are major components of the agricultural sector and are dealt with in separate overviews. About 6.5 million hectares is used for farming in the province with about 18% of that being arable. The coastal areas lend themselves to sugar production and fruit growing, with subtropical fruits doing particularly well in northern parts of the province. KwaZulu-Natal produces 7% of South Africa's citrus fruit. Vegetables also grow well in these areas, while some maize is grown in the north-west. Nuts such as pecan and macadamia thrive and livestock of all sorts can be found the province. Dairy cattle are found in large numbers in the Midlands with beef farming taking place mostly further north. Beef originates mainly in the Highveld and Midland areas, with dairy production being undertaken in the Midlands and south.

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