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Who really is Nosey Pieterse, CAPE TIMES

CAPE TIMES (Second Edition) Page 11

Who really is Nosey Pieterse and will the right Nosey please stand up?

NECESSITY is the mother of invention, the old proverb goes. In which case, Mr, or Reverend, or Pastor, depending on where he is being quoted, Nosey Pieterse, is in need. He is the man whose name is writ large all over the current wave of farmworkers' (I prefer the term rural lumpenproletariat) strikes as the Black Agricultural Workers Union of South Africa (Bawusa) general secretary, and sometimes as president of the Black Association of the Wine and Spirit Industry (Bawsi). The two organisations sit uncomfortably alongside each other for good reason: the one, Bawusa, purports to represent farmworkers; the other, Bawsi, promotes the entry of black capitalists into the wine and spirit industry.

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