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Pendaries (Pty) Ltd was formerly established in 2011 by Mr. Mncedi Qonto following a renewable contractual agreement entered into since 2007 with Parmalat to distribute Parmalat dairy products with a longer shelf life into black community areas and more specifically the traditional urban black townships around the Cape Peninsula. The contractual agreement included exclusive distribution of fast moving dairy products to national shopping franchises in urban black townships.

The agreement has since been extended to independent small, medium and micro retailers in the urban townships who sell the respective product ranges. The business has expanded to include other products from other suppliers on the same distribution routes. The business is thus primarily a distributor of mainly dairy products on behalf of dairy manufacturers in the urban black townships.

Since 2007, Pendaries has been part of Parmalat’s Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Enterprise (B-BBEE) Development Programme. Through this programme, Parmalat develops and provides support to small-scale suppliers by offering them preferential rebates. Increased demand from its distribution regions has led to a need to expand the business.

The National Empowerment Fund reviewed Pendaries’ strategic plans and approved the expansion fund at the value of R3.2 million.

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