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Value Cement (R35 Million)

Value Cement (R35 million)

The entity’s core business is the blending of top quality cement that is supplied to the infrastructure development sector and others.

The invested R35 million will enable the company to own the property, plant and equipment they are currently renting as well as create 50 fulltime jobs in the
process. The company is black owned and blends, produces and sells cement to a wide range of customers across the country, and has a strong pipeline of customers interested in their products including in the SADC region.

Value Cement is a prime example of broad based black empowerment with a significant percentage of directors and management being female.

Value Cement has the necessary muscle and ability to compete in a highly controlled, protected and competitive industry while further ensuring that the enterprise is sustainable and creates meaningful employment.

The funding of Value Cement was facilitated through Umnotho Fund, a funding vehicle within the organisation that is designed to increase access to BEE capital. Value Cement plant is one of the most modern blending plants in South Africa and has sufficient capacity to service most of the provinces as well as export markets. The plant is designed in such a way that the current capacity can be tripled without a large capital expenditure and is ready to supply the market with an excellent product for the next 20 to 30 years.

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