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By Mathapedl Ramonotsl BLOEMFONTEIN – Emerging small crafts businesses in Bloemfontein are struggling to market their products because of lack of exposu re. “We feel there is no exposure at all of our businesses as small companies. We struggle to tap into the trade market because we most of the time we not aware of events or expos where we can showcase our products,” said Mosala Matlokotsi, a Heididal based businessman. Matlokotsi was speaking at the crafts expo organised by the Department of Economic Development and the Bloemfontein Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on Saturday August 20. The furniture manufacturer implored government to intervene in a major way to help market the beds, stools and side-boards that companies like his make. “We got funding from government and they supplied us with machinery. But for us to be able to payback and make a profit we need to sell (our products).

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