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Project 3: Gemilatex

Project 3: Gemilatex

Sector: Manufacturing

ZAR million (USD million or € million)

Project Summary

Gemilatex aims to investigate the viability of localising a male condom manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 70 million condoms. The project is currently at the Bankable Feasibility Study phase and the planned completion date is quarter 1 2018. South Africa consumes around 100 million condoms per month, with the government procuring about 83 million condoms monthly. However, despite government continually awarding tenders for the supply of condoms, the country persistently experiences a supply shortage of condoms. Unfortunately, this shortage has consistently prevailed for several years to date and it is mainly caused by the fact that close to 90% of the government condoms are imported. These shortages are a serious threat to the progress the country has made in the fight against HIV/AIDS because the majority of South Africans get their condoms predominantly from the free government-branded ‘Choice’ supplies accessible within their communities. Support for local manufacturing of male latex condoms is encapsulated in the objectives of the National Condom Policy and Strategy, which states the need to “support the local manufacture of quality male condoms for local consumption; and for export to reduce unit costs to South African consumers and to improve security of supply.”

Location Johannesburg
Project Development Stage Bankable Feasibility Study
NEF Investment to Date ZAR6 million (USD452 000 or €380 000)
NEF Equity  20%
Project Promoter Gemilatex
Projected Financial Close Requirement
Jobs Created
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